Two Guys is a family owned and operated hunting ranch for over 10 years. Ralph and Louie have worked meticulously to create a hunting ranch where from the greenhorn to the skilled hunter can experience the thrill of hunting wild Florida hogs.

Two Guys are fathers and also seasoned hunters themselves. They worked on their dream picturing a ranch where their father would have taken them to share a day together of good clean fun. The brothers are advocates of ethical hunting and are steadfast in their beliefs that the animals they hunt are respected and harvested properly. 

We cater to father, son/daughter teams, large groups, families, and the "lone wolf" hunter.

At “Two Guys And A Hog” all of our customers will be hunting on privately owned land. Because it is privately owned, a Florida hunting license is not required for the harvesting of feral hogs. 

At “Two Guys And A Hog” we offer three types of hunts.  Our hunters can choose to use rifles, pistols, bow, knife, and spear.  Our hunters can provide their own weapons or they can rent them from Two Guys.

Our guaranteed high fence hunts are all stand/still hunts off of corn feeders done on our 40 acre ranch. With our guarantee you will have the opportunity to pull a trigger on a Florida feral hog or you don't pay us. We do not guarantee the size or the harvesting of a feral hog. It is solely up to your skill level! 

Stands provided to our hunters are shooting houses, ground blinds, ladder stands and tri-pod stands.  

Come on in, get your "huntin' on". Enjoy a day at Two Guys and a Hog.  

We are located in Perry, Florida
Taylor County
GPS coordinates
8026 Airport Grade
Perry, FL  32348