2 meat hogs (100 lbs) or less $150.00 !

      "Two Guys" guarantees you will 
          pull a trigger on a hog or you don't pay.

There are no hidden FEES with Two Guys!  

Two Guys and a Hog hunting grounds are able to accommodate 6-8 hunters at one time. 
All hunts are by reservations only.  

There is a $25.00 non-refundable deposit for each hunter to reserve a scheduled hunt 
(except on weekends) 
Your deposit will go towards your harvest. 

Rescheduling is allowed 72 hours prior to your scheduled hunting date/time and upon 
available hunting slots throughout the year.

All guaranteed hog hunts include 
Two Guys' cleaning service
(i.e. quartering and ice in your cooler)
Guaranteed Hunts are done over feeders and/or walk and stalk.

Guaranteed Hog Hunt Pricing:
All pricing include Two Guys cleaning service (FREE)
No guide fee
No spectator fee

                                              1.      0 - 100 lbs             $160.00
                                    2.      101 - 130 lbs         $190.00 
                                    3.      131 - 160 lbs         $220.00
                                    4.      161 + >                   $250.00

Fair Chase hog hunts - $100
(morning or evening hunts - unlimited)
If you have night optics, lights or thermal recommended

Trophy hogs (2"+) $350.00 (when available) in separate Trophy area      
There are no hidden charges

During a guaranteed hog hunt, when a shot is taken, the hunter is responsible for that shot. If a hog is not located or recovered, Two Guys has the option to assess a harvesting fee of $150.00 for that shot. (Please be accurate).

Have your rifles sighted in.  We have had a number of hogs found several hours/days later from shots inaccurately taken. 

Two Guys provides, a free target range prior to your hunt.   Please sight in your rifles.

Personal or business checks are not accepted as payment